Bunta Bar, Janpath, New Delhi

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बस इसी बात पे बोतल खोलो
किये जो सारे पाप वो धोलो
आओ मेरे साथ में हो लो
Put your hands up zor se bolo
मैं शराबी….मैं शराबी….
मैं शराबी….मैं शराबी….

Bet! You can’t resist yourself from getting high, once you enter this splendid place. Music, lighting, ambience – everything is aligned to make your boozing experience wonderful, except the sitting. That needs improvement! Ordered drinks and pijja (not a typo error).


What do you get if you mix Vodka, Gin, Tequila, White Rum, Lime juice, Coke? Answer is Bunta Long Island Ice Tea. The drink was complicated, had almost everything, and will make you high. The taste was not good, may be because of lot of mix-and-match. The presentation was different and weird at the same time. Drink came in a plastic pouch with a needless long straw.


We used to drink a kanche-wala lemon soda, when we were kids. The experience was revived the moment i took the first sip of  kaala-khatta flavored India Gate Bunta. The glass was big and the taste was amazing.

Yes, i am a serious foodie. And, here is the proof!
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Thin crust pizzas are far better than the thick crust ones, and when it contains mutton keema and cheese – this becomes an absolute delight! The perfectly baked pizza was large in size and was served over a wooden surface. Mutton keema was tasty, and the cheese was very soft. A must have for all pizza lovers.


When you enter a hi-fi theka with a stylish lighting and comfortable couches, no matter what you plan, you will end up getting high. This place is perfect for all alcoholics.

Sitting includes couches, chairs and bar stools, however the chairs and bar stools were not comfortable. The chandelier is beautifully crafted using bottles. The lamps too are bottle-shaped. The volume of music is high enough to accompany you in dangling.


Located in Janpath market, is easy to reach both my metro and own. Janpath has its own metro station on the Violet line. The market too has its own parking.



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