Kebab Gali, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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Being a non-veggie you look out for some really *delicious* veggie stuff, and then you land up at Kebab Gali! Wow, amazing.

Checked in Sunday for lunch. Ordered starters, main course and some desserts.


So this dahi kebab was by far the best dahi kebab i had so far. The hung curd was perfect, and spiced as desired. Usually deep fried items are little oily to eat, but not true for this Dahi Kebab. Each serving had 4 pieces of Kebab. Highly recommended if you are Dahi Kebab lover. Presentation of these dish was great, surrounded by long-cut capsicum on a cabbage slice, looked delicious and tasted well.


4 pieces in one serving, this kebab wasn’t really that tasty as compared to others. Was served with sliced tomatoes. However, the veggies inside were properly cooked but still it din’t taste awesome. But this should be given a try for sure.


I am not at all a mushroom lover, and after having this dish i am now a mushroom hater. Personally i did not like this dish at all. Was not able to eat a single piece even. Would not recommend this. The dish was presented with a full onion cut into pieces put into center. You cannot even taste it, wondering why it was kept even.


Each serving had 6 pieces and was served in a moving 4 wheeler types tray (innovative presentation for sure), with a small rose in the center with onion and capsicum. Paneer was really soft, and well prepared. Recommended dish for sure.


Highly recommended dish before even i start writing about it. Kebab was so well prepared and the paratha was properly cooked. My mouth was full of water the moment i took the first bite of it. It tasted a little sweet to me, but went good in the taste. Presentation was same as of Dahi Kebab, served on a cabbage slice and long-cut capsicum.

Yes, i am a serious foodie. And, here is the proof!
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Like Arijit Singh in almost all bollywood songs, Aloo manages to find his place in dishes. Achaari aloo was good in the first bite, little crispy top but not really well cooked. Also, i felt the ‘achaari’ flavor should be increased to justify the name.

Feeling hungry? Main course now.. 🙂


The buttery Dal Makhani was good in taste. Was served in a mini bucket, had good amount of Butter floating on top 🙂 Quantity was more than required, had a tummy full lunch.


Quite big pieces of paneer, with an awesome taste. Highly recommended. Not really very spicy and not that *meetha* flavor – perfectly balanced. Again, quantity was quite large. Served beautifully, and tasted far beyond delicious.

If you look at the paratha, you will find hell lot of chilli pieces, but trust me you not find it that chilly. The seeds are not being used in the preparation. So while eating it would taste little spicy but you will enjoy it. Paratha was crispy to eat. Eating it with Paneer Tikka Masala was awesome. Must try

Regular butterly aloo kulcha was good to eat. Kulcha was well prepared, and stuffing was also nice.

Done with main course? Wait, Desserts are waiting 🙂


We all might have ate this in home, paratha with sugar fillings. So this was not really a sweet. So would not recommend this.


This tasted heaven, not very sweet and yet sweet. Highly recommended. Served with dry fruits.


Tasted good and was microwaved perfectly, not very hot. The presentation was not really good, but the taste compensated it 🙂

Apart from the food, there were some drinks on table which included Aam Panna, Lemonade, Chaach, Jaljeera. Jaljeera and Aam Panna was a true refresher for this summers. Beautifully presented in glass bottles.


Located in Vasant Square Mall in the ground floor, this place is surely worth your tummy. The place contains 20 seats, with five 4 seater tables. If you are driving there is ample space of parking, right in front of the mall. Coming by metro would not be a good choice as the nearest metro would be Chattarpur (yellow line). But after getting down from Metro, if would take another 10-15 minutes to reach this place.


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