Pirates Of Grill, Sector 18, Noida

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The real pirates of grill, truly amazing and awesome food. The barbecues will keep you aligned and the quick-serviced starters will never let you stop. The unlimited awesomeness in form of starters, main course and desserts is calling you. Had veg and non veg starters, drinks and desserts.


What a dish! Hats off to the chef. Cheese slice layered with honey, was little sweet to eat. As the name says it was very crispy. This was something new for me. Must have.

Was looking for some mint & ice drink, and was lucky to get this drink. Taste was awesome and was a true refresher for the heating summers.

Not all places serve good prawns, but the prawns i had were butterly-delicious. The best part was the heated grill, you can grill it your perfection. Though there were sauces and spreads, but these prawns din’t require any. Must have if you are a prawn lover.

Perfect! Just perfect for your taste buds. Perfect spiced with a perfect taste, with chicken pieces fresh and well prepared. Over grilled it to make it a little crisp and the awesomeness doubled. Highly recommended for all chicken tikka lovers.

Fish was definitely good, however it lacked any taste of ginger. Appeared a plain fried fish.

Very small in presentation but highly delicious. A very small piece of chicken with butter chicken gravy was served over a puff pastry.


Even if you are diabetic, you cannot really miss this brownie cake. Base was made of chocolate and brownie, was well mixed and formed a delicious stuff to eat.

Orange champy was little tangy to eat. It was decorated by a chocolate strip. The base was chocolate and cream.

Yes, i am a serious foodie. And, here is the proof!
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Amazing presentation with an amazing taste. Taste of coconut was just right, and the level of sugar balanced.



This place is huge, and can accommodate more than 50 people easily. Tables has grill setup properly and are perfect for you plate and drinks. There is a space for live music as well, however it was not there when i went. Table contains pamphlets of the restaurants mentioning different branches and details about the restaurant. The end of the restaurant also has a big LED. A pirated jack sparrow is there to entertain you lol. The food here is truly awesome and would recommend it to everyone.

Located on 3rd floor of Mall of India, is easily visible because of the large hoarding. To reach here, you can ask of Raddison Sector 18 or Centre Stage Mall Sector 18. Parking is ample in this area. Mall also has an underground parking. If you are coming by metro, then Sector 18 metro (Blue line) is your stop. It’s a walking distance from the metro station.


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