Big Chill, Khan Market, New Delhi

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What a treat to my taste buds, Big Chill – Cheers! Went out for a light dinner, and day could not end better than this, amazing. I always used to see a good waiting line whenever i pass by, but luckily got the seats with zero waiting time. The healthy-yet-delicious salad and the chicken sandwich were the star of the night.


The bread was perfect, and the melted chicken spread was perfect – Pure delight. Presented simply, every bite of the sandwich melted like cheese balls in mouth. No sauce, no pepper required. One can finish it easily, and be left craving for more. Highly recommended for sandwich lovers.


As we all know, nutrition and delicious-ness are not really good friends, but this salad changed my perception. The fresh lettuce, smoked tomatoes and the fresh chicken – was the highest level of awesomeness i tasted. Good for health and tasty as well. Quantity was ample for two. Presentation was great – the thin cheese slides were perfectly placed over the salad. Highly recommended for salad lovers.

Yes, i am a serious foodie. And, here is the proof!
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After a long time, i ate something **delicious**, thank you big chill for this delight. Would love to visit again.


Ambience is great, well maintained, clean and hygienic. The walls were covered by the hollywood faces. Stewards don’t have a dress code, so make sure you remember them by their face. Felt the place was little congested to sit.


There are 2 outlets of Big Chill in Khan market (they have a cakery shop as well), i went to 68-A. Small but powerful outlet. (PS: By powerful i mean delicious ;).  Located in the back side of the market, is easily reachable by both metro and own vehicle. Gate no: 4 Khan Market metro station (Violet line) takes you straight to the market. Parking is and always be a problem in Khan market, but have been here so many times that got used to it lol.

Highly recommended place to get the best for your taste buds.


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